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Artist Statement

My intention is to use nature as a springboard for the exploration of space. I concentrate my attention on scenery I have personally experienced to study space and light. In order to study the complexities of the shapes found in nature I experiment with cropping photographs of the landscape. I am concerned with the direction, brightness, and angle of the light. How the trees are illuminated and the resulting shadows affect the way the light is transmitted onto the neighboring surfaces. The rhythmic patterns of the shadows and negative spaces become the focus of the work.

A colorful underpainting is applied and the surface is slowly built up with numerous layers of paint and glazes. Many areas are carefully painted to allow the previous layers of color to show through from beneath the surface. The use of a limited palate at the onset aids in expressing space and natural light. This adds to the vibration and illumination of the surface. The use of an elongated format adds to the drama of the work.